TIBCO EBX Enablers

Apgar Consulting is a TIBCO global Elite Business Partner

Thanks to our years of experience in implementing TIBCO EBX, we have developed fast tracks to facilitate integration project.

We are the biggest TIBCO Unify dedicated integration company with a team of 70+ members.

We develop OEMs and co-develop new products with TIBCO teams.

We collaborate on R&D topics and provide regular feedbacks (e.g. EBX6 alpha program).

Key differentiators



Apgar data catalog The missing piece to enable end-to-end data governance


Reference Data

Standardize, govern, and share all your reference lists

  • Cross-references
  • Hierarchy Management
  • All domains


Master Data

Model, govern, and share all your master data

  • Multidomain MDM
  • Collaborative stewardship
  • 360° views



Discover, catalog, and govern all your enterprise metadata

  • Enterprise Metadata Mgt
  • Data Governance
  • Data Catalog

Main functionalities

  • Apgar Fast Tracks: Practical Project Methodology, Data Model Generator, EBX Toolkit, Deploy, Import/Export, Orga. Viz, Maps. Advanced Query, Search, Data Quality, Data Visualization, UX Framework
  • Apgar Import/Export Module:
    • Ease the automation and industrialization of exchanges of business objects between the repository and other applications (source and target)
      • Extend integration capabilities of EBX standard with new protocols and triggers
      • Keep within the repository the proficiency and construction of the business object
      • Capitalize on the existing solutions to answer the requirements of our clients on automatic data exchanges
    • Specific functionalities of Apgar Export Module
      • Create complexes JSON, XML or CSV export files
      • Create a full business object made of multiple entities, aggregating the fields and information of the data model through the relationship established in the data model
      • Design and configure the export via EBX user interface
      • Generate the export in full or delta
    • Those capabilities decrease substantially the complexity of Data Integration between a usual Middleware and the MDM.
  • Apgar Deploy Module:
    • The Apgar Deploy module provides the EBX Platform the capabilities necessary to enable and support full DevOps and CI/CD for the MDM.
    • Without this Module, the whole industrialization of the EBX Solution is quite complex and manual especially in the context of Multi-domain MDM.
    • It eases and reduces the delivery time for each environment, especially for developers in order to increase agility and flexibility and with significant impact on time consumed for delivery
    • It has become the best-selling Apgar Module after the Export Module
  • Apgar Org Chart Visualization:
    • Displays Organization Chart and Employee Team chart based on your MDM Data repository with pictures or PDF export features directly within EBX
    • Different display modes and color coding
    • Navigate through multiple levels of recursive hierarchy or over multiple associated EBX tables
    • Easy access to the data through the charts in EBX
    • Display of photos or Team logos within the chart
  • Apgar Global Search:
    • With our Global Search module, we extend the actual limitation of EBX5 regarding multi-table search and performance issues over multi-millions record matching with the integration of a fully recognized indexing technology like Elasticsearch.
    • This module provides the possibility to set up Google as a search cross multidomain MDM, especially in the context of Data Catalog.
    • It also enables faster and better results for matching for large population records in the context of B2C Customer repositories.
    • It also extends the architecture capabilities of the platform by setting up a fully scalable distribution layer
  • EBX UX Framework:
    • Over the years, we have witnessed Master Data Management and Meta Data Management become more and more a business practice and less a technical expert Blackbox. In addition, we have seen the rise of user experience in Social Media and Personal web. As this trend drifted to the professional sector, it became a standard in the use of the Internet
    • We decided to include from the very beginning this thinking in our EBX Platform design. Thanks to a methodology close to the business Persona and a framework using extended graphical components to enhance the standard capabilities of EBX screens, it is possible to achieve a full overhaul of the UI using up to date web framework

Fast Track