Advantages of Apgar Consulting

Apgar Consulting is a consulting firm. Not only do we have a different vision of the profession but we also have different corporate culture and teamwork philosophy.

Ten reasons to join Apgar Consulting

1 – Our mission = your freedom of action

Apgar’s mission is to create an effective, friendly and accountable workplace where everyone has the freedom to act and innovate to create and share value together.

2 – You are not in a box!

Apgar gives employees the space to express themselves, to grow and to expand in line with their own career goals. Unlike other companies where your field of action is limited by your position, Apgar offers to committed employees the opportunity to develop themselves in other business areas.

3 – Outings, Activities & Seminars

Apgar places a premium on corporate culture and team spirit. You might think that working as a consultant means being placed at a customer’s premises full-time, but that’s not the case at Apgar ! We make our employees work in the Apgar premises at least once a week and we organise very regular outings and activities for the whole team.

4 – Big Brother is not watching you

Apgar trusts its employees and gives them the freedom and autonomy to manage their time or workload as long as the work is done on time and to our standard.

5 – Home Sweet Home

Apgar allows all employees to work remotely from home one day a week. This home working day must be arranged and validated by the upstream operational manager. Remote working from home is a right that every employee with over 6 months’ service has the right to exercise.

6 – Travel, travel …

Apgar operates internationally in countries such as Switzerland, Belgium, Monaco and most recently in the USA. If you like to travel, you can inform your line manager who will give you, as far as possible, the opportunity to work on these missions.

7 – Data is a passion

Do you want to work in a consulting firm that incorporates the latest trends regarding data? Apgar is continuously working on new offers, latest are dedicated to Blockchain or Machine Learning.

8 – An office with a view

Our premises are located, either on the “Île de la Jatte” overlooking the Seine, or Byblos with views of the Mediterranean Sea… We dare you to find a better place to work !

9 – Close management

Joining Apgar Consulting means joining a company where senior management is accessible. We organise coffee meetings every month where the entire team, management & consultants, meets to share the latest news.

10 – CO-construction, COllaboration and COnsistency

Apgar Consulting is a growing company that encourages and appreciates the input of all its employees. Every idea counts and every thought matters!