Reference Data Management

Preconfigured solution to manage Reference data list & values

The Apgar RDM is a turnkey solution based on TIBCO EBX Data Framework that enables you to maintain and manage Reference Data list in a common way covering multiple areas of List of values and Taxonomy with :

  • Unique Codification for List Definitions and List Values
  • Mapping Global/Group values with the local business definition
  • Translation management in a multilingual context
  • Legacy remotes key for Cross Reference used in Data Integration (Xref)
  • Capabilities of hierarchy management for a more complex list and dependent list
  • Versioning and history management
  • Collaborative out of the box processes to maintain and validate new list or new values
  • Out of the box Rest API to centrally handle Remotes Keys for Data Integration tool

Key differentiators



Apgar data catalog The missing piece to enable end-to-end data governance


Reference Data

Standardize, govern, and share all your reference lists

  • Cross-references
  • Hierarchy Management
  • Translation Management


Master Data

Model, govern, and share all your master data

  • Multidomain MDM
  • Collaborative stewardship
  • 360° views



Discover, catalog, and govern all your enterprise metadata

  • Enterprise Metadata Mgt
  • Data Governance
  • Data Catalog

Main functionalities

  • Unique Codification: lists and values have unique codes that are either automatically generated or entered by the user i.e. business coded
  • Dynamic Workflow: creation and update workflows can have dynamic levels of approvals based on certain preconfigured conditions
  • Complex Hierarchy Management: supports the creation of multiple-level hierarchies and inter-related lists
  • Translation management in a multilingual context: solution offer the possibility to translate data to any language and display it as per logged in the user language
  • Legacy remote keys for Cross Reference: the mapping between source/consumer systems and MDM is maintained in specific tables to serve the integration
  • UI manipulation: data is available in both tabular and hierarchical display and the user can switch between them
  • Mapping Group values with the local business definition
  • Data Search capabilities: the solution offers a search toolbar with key fields to ease the lookup for data
  • Import/export capabilities: lists can be imported and exported from/to CSV and Excel files
  • Data Model extensions: lists have a predefined set of attributes that are common across all. But the solution offers the possibility to extend those attributes for certain lists
  • Privilege & Access Management: access to reference data and control of the permissions can be defined
  • Versioning: versions of the data model can be maintained
  • Dashboards: solution offers a variety of dashboards to reflect on the quality of the reference data available
  • Data Validation: error reports are generated and can be exported to excels
  • REST APIs: out of the box REST APIs are exposed for integration to allow consumption and even authoring of data