Our impact

People and Human Rights

We respect, support the protection of our HRs from Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We welcome people from different walks of life, making they feel respected, and listened to.

No gender gap here.

Responsible sourcing policy.

Helping people impacted by climate changes, diseases, economic/political crisis, …

Guarantee parental leaves to contribute to children protection.

Guarantee equal opportunities for training and career.

Flex time to balance work and life.

We work with parties that operate in line with our values.

Ethics, Risk & Compliance

Build culture if integrity and trust through our code of conduct and transparency – be we are open in what we do , how we work, where we are successful, and where we need to improve.

We do not tolerate bribery or corruption in our operations.

Our code of conduct was created for all and to help making what’s right.


Reduce greenhouse emissions by promoting remote work, by making smart choices in buildings, hardware and even software.