Apgar Consulting today

Apgar Consulting is a services and advisory company that assists companies aiming for the data to be at the heart of their strategy.

A consulting firm specializing in data

We combine our data expertise with an overview of the “HOW” a Company is operating in order to design tailored organizational and technological solutions. Thank to this combination we improve the use and the share of key information.

Because we are conscious about the time needed to build a know-how , we have specialized in high-end topics with high value for our clients:

  • Meta data management: Describing and managing the company’s data to enhance its value.
  • Master data management: Mastering the creation, use, sharing and quality of key data for business processes.
  • Data Integration: Facilitating data sharing.
  • Data Preparation: Cleanse and classify data, before storing and analyzing it.

For each of the solutions we propose, we pay attention to the user’s experience and to the success of the integration in the existing information system, through adopting a pragmatic project methodology.

Created in 2013, Apgar Consulting headquarter is in Neuilly Sur Seine (France) and has offices in Lebanon (Byblos), Portugal (Porto), The United Kingdom (London), Switzerland (Zurich) and The United States of America (Austin TX).

80% of its activities rely on international projects in Europe, the United States and the Middle East.

Apgar Consulting acts for small & large companies, from various industries (Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Consumer Product Goods (CPG), Farming, …).

With more than 110 consultants working on a daily basis around Master Data Management topics, it has been identified by Gartner as 1 of the 18 major MDM External Services Providers in the 2021 MDM Market Guide.

Unlike any others ...

Inspired by our past experiences, we strive to keep our clients and employees at the center of our business and priorities in order to build a totally committed human and fraternal company.

Commitment, partnership, innovation and sustainability are the key values to drive our actions.

In order to organize our development, Apgarians build together a roadmap based on two main missions:

  • Our HR Mission

Fulfilling an efficient, friendly and responsible workspace in which everyone has the freedom of action and innovation to create and share value together.

  • Our Business Mission

Become the partner of choice for data-driven companies to optimise the use of their data resources by implementing innovative organizational and technological solutions.

Why Apgar ?

Apgar, is named after a mountain in the National Glacier Park of Montana, at the heart of the Rockies.

Here our name conveys the “societal” values of our company and the importance that we attach to the environment in which we live as well as our desire to to protect it.

Apgar also refers to the famous “Apgar score”, consisting of a series of tests, designated to assess the overall health status of a newborn baby.

In this manner our name reflects our values of Commitment and Partnership. This confirms our desire to support our clients from the start of their project initiative by enabling them to benefit from our experience and expertise!

Interviews with the founders of Apgar Consulting

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